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  • Why is it so difficult to open jars?
    Vacuum sealed jars work very well at preserving food; the downside is, the vacuum inside the jar makes it difficult to open.
  • What makes popit different?
    Most devises offer more leverage or more grip to overcome the problem. POPit works by removing the problem (vacuum) so the lid comes off easily.
  • How does popit work?
    POPit produces a controlled and very small hole of less than 0.25mm. This just big enough to be reliable and allow the air pressure to equalise but, too small to affect the contents.
  • If popit makes a hole, will the contents not spoil?
    This is a very good question; the short answer is NO. Because this is very important question, here is the full explanation. 1 Mould appears when mould spores anchor onto food. 2 Mould spores are everywhere, and many strains grow on food. The spores anchor in bread, cheese, meat and fruit and grow into fruiting bodies that appear as dark, sometimes fuzzy blotches. 3 For jar contents to spoil, air containing mould spores must enter the jar. 4 Mould spores are airborne and will primarily come into contact with food stored in a jar every time the jar lid is removed. 5 In simple terms, jars are vacuum sealed. There is a pressure differential, which means the air outside the jar is higher than inside (this is why they are difficult to open). When the jar lid seal is broken, air rushes into the jar to equalise the pressure. This is air flow. Any mold spores floating in the surrounding air will be sucked into the jar. 6 This will happen whether the lid is pierced or not. 7 When the lid is put back on the jar, any spores which have landed on the food will get to work. This is why manufacturers advise refrigerating after opening (to slow down the process) and consume within a specified time. 8 Because mould spores are airborne, they need air flow to travel. 9 Air flow was produced in order to equalise the pressure between inside and outside of the sealed jar and, every time the lid is removed. 10 Definition of Air Flow; flow of air or any other fluid is caused by a pressure differential between two points. Flow will originate from an area of high energy, or pressure, and proceed to area(s) of lower energy or pressure 11 The hole produced by the POPit is less than one hundredth of an inch (0.25mm). 12 The hole produced in the jar lid by the POPit is so small and as there is no pressure differential after initial opening, there is no air flow. Therefore, if there is no air flow, no new mold spores can enter the jar. 13 Conclusion, using the POPit will not shorten the life expectancy of food stored in a jar. 14 We have conducted comparison tests. Jars of marmalade and jam were opened; half by using the POPit, half by brute strength. The jars were kept unrefrigerated for up to six months. After several months, mold did appear in both jars – there was no discernible difference. 15 Two renowned laboratories have confirmed that using the POPit will not contaminate the jar contents and further product testing is not required.
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