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a new way to open jars

Open any size jar lid safely and easily with POPit Jar Lid Remover

Jar Opener

Struggling with a hard to open pickle jar?

Vacuum sealed jars work very well at preserving food; the downside is, the vacuum inside the jar makes it very difficult to open.

The reason why jars are so difficult to open is due to the vacuum inside causing a pressure difference between inside and outside of the jar. 

This difference in pressure creates a downward force on the lid making it difficult to remove.

Most conventional, available products attempt to overcome this problem by increasing grip or introduce leverage to enable the user to apply more than 6 – 12Nm of torque. This is potentially very dangerous as the user will put more strain on their joints and likely to cause injury.


How does POPit Jar Opener solve this problem?

POPit is different because it removes the problem – rather than trying to overpower it.

POPit works by equalising the pressure, thereby reducing the force required to open the jar. 

POPit makes it easy to open jars – so why struggle?

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As simple as

Jar Opener

Ensure POPit is in the unlocked position 




Jar Opener

Place in the centre of jar lid, press until fully compressed and remove the POPit.

You should hear a “pop” sound

Jar Opener

Remove jar lid

Try POPit for yourself, it comes with a money back guarantee
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Only £12.95

P&P £3

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